Waterfall, Pennsylvania


Project Quick Facts

Services Provided: Architecture and MEP Engineering

Size: 126,465 SF

Completion Date: February 2020 (Phase 2); September 2018 (Phase 1)


This facility houses a series of modular, energy-efficient hybrid greenhouses and completely indoor cultivation rooms that supply the raw materials for Ilera Healthcare's medical marijuana products. Purpose-built areas dedicated to drying, extraction, processing and incineration of plant waste materials are also located on site. An administrative wing consists of offices for the Ilera team and a conference room to conduct meetings. From an engineering standpoint, a fully-integrated lighting and power design was executed.

This facility's first phase was designed and built during Pennsylvania's first round of Medical Marijuana Grower/Processor permits. With the implementation of a fast-track schedule, JPT Architects and Palmer Construction were able to both design and build this facility in four months for the approval of DOH. The first phase of Ilera's facility was 67,018 SF and the second phase was 59,447 SF.

JPT and Palmer Construction have a long-standing relationship as we have worked on many Healthcare and Cannabis projects as a design-build team. We believe that our relationship with Palmer made Ilera's experience that much better because we can communicate very efficiently and we both know how to execute fast-track projects in the Cannabis Industry.


Project Team Members


Trevor J. Lashinsky

Senior Mechanical Designer