Healthcare Systems and their many facilities around the globe are overwhelmed with healing and comforting sick patients infected with the notorious Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many of these COVID-19 positive, hospitalized patients, even those not sick enough to be placed on a mechanical ventilator, have flawed lung function and benefit from supplemental oxygen. Medical oxygen is the most in demand medical gas at this time with some healthcare facilities requiring medical oxygen flow rates that are more than the extend of their current medical oxygen supply systems. An increase in the flow capacity of the medical oxygen supply system is what the result is. Now more than ever, the temporary hospitals being set up for COVID-19 are also in need of a temporary supply of medical oxygen as well.

The safety alert below from Compressed Gas Association (CGA) titled “Medical Oxygen Supply System Issues During the COVID-19 Crisis” highlights elements that could be used to temporarily heighten the capacity of the medical oxygen supply systems. This alert covers elements that should be taken into consideration when installing these temporary medical oxygen supply systems. All the elements considered should contribute an honest and accurate medical oxygen supply system. Additionally, the elements under consideration cannot facilitate negative risks associated with a healthcare facility’s patients, personnel, or medical gas supplier personnel.

Please see below to view and/or download the safety alert from CGA, “Medical Oxygen Supply System Issues During the COVID-19 crisis.

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