A partnership presentation by JPT Architects and TSR Grow

This was originally presented at the 2020 MJBizCon event

The exponential growth of the cannabis industry over the past six (6) years has presented Cannabis Cultivation Companies with more choices than ever before. From sketching out the first layout– is the growing happening indoors or in a greenhouse? Vertically or in lines of beds? To determining the necessary lighting, controls, racking, and remote power servers, the options are virtually limitless …and that is before adding the variety of plants.

As a Cannabis Cultivator, there comes a point when having seemingly limitless options can get overwhelming. You may ask, “what separates the essential components of a profitable, efficient Cultivation Facility from the rest of the noise in the marketplace?” And that is where JPT Architects and TSRGrow come in. Join JPT and TSRGrow for an honest presentation and roundtable discussion on the five (5) essential elements for the successful operation of a Cannabis Cultivation Facility.

From outfitting the first facility from scratch or converting an existing space, JPT and TSRGrow will give you the roadmap to take your Cannabis Cultivation Operation to the next level! JPT and TSRGrow will cover everything from Production Planning to Environmental Control and Integrated Lighting Technology. The experts (Engineers, Architects and Lighting Manufacturers) working firsthand within the Design & Construction space get these Cultivation & Processing facilities created from start to finish

This video was featured at the MJBizCon Event on December 3, 2020 under the title, “Industry Insiders Share their Key Components for a Profitable and Efficient Grow”.

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