Senior Care design is currently going through a period of transformation. The cold and clinical feel of Nursing Homes that strictly follow models of medical care is changing. This change engulfs both Healthcare and lifestyle wellbeing. Innovative Senior Care is adapting to incorporate higher standards in Infection Control, Healthcare and Quality of Life.

JPT's fully-integrated team of Architects and MEP Engineers creates new spaces that are flexible, healthy and technologically advanced. JPT's commitment to Senior Living environments includes a full continuum of care from age-targeted to independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing. Our designs promote independence through universal design and wellness.

Services range from campus master planning to pre-design, flow analysis, cost estimating, MEP integration, construction management and more.

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What makes JPT stand out from the rest?

  • 100% Focus in the Healthcare Industry
  • Women-Owned Small Business - Certified WBENC and SBE
  • Standard High-Level BIM Model - Clash Resolution in Every Design
  • Specialize in Healthcare Regulatory and Code Compliance
  • Quality and High-Level Documentation
  • 1% Change Order Rate - A testament to our reliability and Accuracy
  • Design for Patient Experience and Future Adaptation

Laurel Crest Manor

Ebensburg, PA

The total interior building renovation took place on two floors. Additionally, there was the implementation of general building upgrades, code compliance, day care, elevator, kitchen and bath. The total cost of the project came out around $11 million.

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Design Process

Whether the project is a small and simple structure or a large and complex facility, we always begin with the client goals, a thorough program review, an analysis of the site and contextual considerations and an evaluation of all credible planning and design options.

Our unique approach to design is that of true economy in construction, taking both capital and operating costs into account.

Collaboration - Client involvement, especially early in a project, is imperative to any successful design. Bringing the entire project team together at the onset of the project allows important initial decisions about systems, flow analysis, materials and design to be discussed with the entire team, thus capitalizing on the shared knowledge and expertise of all members.

Team - Today’s planning and design challenges are, at times, beyond the capabilities of any one mind or a single point of view. If the project complexity requires, project leaders will draw upon a team of specialists, each with their own expertise and each delivering their own contribution to the project.

Consistency - The professionals at JPT, who work on the project during the conceptual design, will be the same people who create the working drawings, answer questions, review submittals and create the punch list for your project.

Economy - Cost estimates at critical milestones in the design schedule are essential to the success of each project. JPT is dedicated to working with each client and their in-house management teams and outside contractors to seek value in all aspects of the project so that the final project delivers the best ratio of performance to money spent.