Responding to Client and Community Needs with Family Medicine

Mount Nittany Health – Penns Valley Family Medicine Office Building in Spring Mills, PA

Mount Nittany Health Penns Valley Family Medicine

This new family medicine office building’s 4,400 SF renovation from an existing bank and 7,400 SF addition was designed to allow Mount Nittany Health to expand its personal, comprehensive and continuing primary care service offerings. Mount Nittany Health – Penns Valley Family Medicine Office Building includes an additional 16 exam rooms, x-ray area, laboratory and auxiliary spaces, while existing structure houses the office space. A new addition provided the space needed for the 12,000 SF program, designed to link clinical space for efficient staff navigation as well as separation of patients from private work areas.

Family Medicine is beneficial to the community because the team of physicians working in this building are equipped to offer health services to patients from infancy into their senior years. If a parent catches a cold from their toddler, the parent can make an appointment with the same doctor and in the same building. Special attention is placed on preventative measures to keep the whole family unit healthy, which in turn keeps the community healthy by helping germs to not spread in schools, places of employment and other public areas.  

The existing bank was downsized and relocated to a new 1,000 SF building, also located on the property. An added benefit of keeping the bank located on the property was the exposure to the community. By taking a building that was already a focal point of this rural community and adding to it, we were able to create structure that could respond to both client and community needs while remaining sensitive to local aesthetics.

Also located on the property, is a dedicated horse and buggy parking area. This area includes a shed for shade, hitching post and water trough. By adding these amenities back into the new design, we were able to symbolically extend an invitation to the Amish community and demonstrate their acceptance at the new facility.

To check out more information on Mount Nittany Health and this building go to Mount Nittany Health’s Penns Valley webpage.

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