Architectural Illustrator/Designer


Associates Degree in Illustration (Major) and Graphic Design (Minor) - Art Institute of Pittsburgh

  • 25 years of experience in the design of renderings, animations and graphics for the commercial architectural and engineering industry
  • Facilitated architectural illustration services to JPT as a business owner and seven years ago came to JPT full time
  • Creates realistic 3D animations and renderings of projects at various stages throughout the design process and work with the JPT team to develop schematic design
  • Uses realistic 3D animations to create excitement and encouragement for clients especially in the beginning stages of a projects
  • Manages overall company project list and assists JPT team members with many aspects of projects
  • Firm Professional Photographer who takes photos of projects during different stages of the project lifecycle
  • Passionate about marketing - Member of the marketing team and participates in preparing content for distribution amongst clients