Design of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Ilera Healthcare in Plymouth Meeting, PA

“The Ilera Effect” is captivating at this Pennsylvania dispensary! Ilera Healthcare partnered with PA-based, JPT Architects to create an environment for patients to experience an innovative side of wellness from marijuana medicine. This space incorporates an inviting approach with lounge areas and private consultation rooms which promote effective and confidential patient education, exploration and development. The individualized treatment plans are customized to patients’ specific needs. In addition to the patient-centric design focus, this facility exceeds the state required compliance and security regulations.

 A key differentiator from West Coast-style recreation shops, Ilera’s dispensary is designed to give patients a secure location to receive information and obtain medication tailored to their condition. Integrated security elements assure efficient patient flow by aligning safety as a core utility to insure positive patient experiences. This building was previously a Bank of America location, so it’s an ideal location for both convenience and its secure design and vaults are paramount for product storage. Moreover, Ilera’s highly trained security guards manage safe discreet access to the building. Equally, their superior interpersonal skills reflect our core team value.  Most importantly, as an essential member of the Ilera team, security welcomes our patients to the facility and assists with registration, as needed.

Providing value, quality and leading-edge medical marijuana dispensary services is top notch in this facility, down to the packaging of the marijuana medicine which is designed for an elevated experience. Ilera Healthcare is significant as one of the “vertical permit” winners, holding a grower/processor and dispensary license from Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program.

Ilera Healthcare and JPT Architects partnered with Palmer Construction (another PA-based company) in a Design-Build effort to help bring their vision to life in creating one of Pennsylvania’s first medical marijuana dispensaries. This dispensary, located in Plymouth Meeting, opened its doors on May 8, 2018 and now serves any registered Pennsylvania patients that hold a state-issued medical marijuana ID card. Ilera’s medical marijuana growing/processing facility, located in Waterfall, PA, was also designed by JPT Architects and built by Palmer Construction. Ilera Healthcare plans to open two additional medical marijuana dispensing locations.

Click here to read JPT Architect's blog post on the design of Ilera Healthcare's growing/processing facility. 


  1. Kevin Ritchey

    Well I’m not very happy because they wouldn’t do anything about it

    • Hi Kevin – This is not the website for Ilera Healthcare. This is JPT Architect’s website. We are the firm that Ilera selected to design their cultivation facilities and one of their dispensaries from an Architectural and Engineering perspective. Very sorry that happened to you. Here is the link to Ilera Healthcare’s website I think there is a contact page on the website. Thanks

  2. Kevin Ritchey

    Bought a vape and it wasn’t even half full how do we take care of this

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