Ilera Healthcare – Controlled Medical Cannabis Growing Facility

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State-of-the-Art Medical Marijuana Growing and Processing Facility

Ilera Healthcare - Controlled Medical Cannabis Growing Facility in Waterfall, PA

JPT Architects partnered with Ilera Healthcare and Palmer Construction to create Ilera’s state-of-the-art Medical Marijuana Growing and Processing Facility in Waterfall, PA. The facility houses a series of modular, energy-efficient hybrid greenhouses that supply the raw materials for Ilera Healthcare’s medical marijuana products. Purpose-built areas dedicated to drying, extraction, processing and incineration of plant waste materials are also located at the site. An administrative wing consists of offices for the Ilera team and a conference room to conduct meetings. From an engineering standpoint, a fully integrated lighting and power design was executed.

One of the most important building system design aspects of Cannabis Growing Facilities is the lighting. Maximum harvest potential of a quality product requires a very specific color temperature, spectral wavelength and intensity of the lighting. A growing facility’s total energy consumption from lighting takes up roughly 38% or more and can consume more than 25 W/SF of power. JPT’s Engineers utilize a fully integrated lighting design and calculation package within our building information modeling (BIM) software. The allows us to utilize the building materials and geometry to develop accurate point-by-point illuminance lighting levels (lighting intensity) on any work-plane or surface.

JPT also considers that Cannabis Growing Facilities take up A LOT of power and when we say a lot we mean roughly 1,000 amps for every 10,000 ft. Although Ilera was a greenfield project, most Medical Cannabis Growing Facilities are renovations from existing buildings. Even if a manufacturing facility was purchased, most likely, the utilities will need upgraded, unless the building was an existing data center. But what is to be expected when the plants being produced rely on lighting, venting and dehumidifiers to survive? Electrical services need to be capable of supporting an entire electrical load.

This was a Fast-Track, Design-Build project with Palmer Construction that was completed in four months. We make such a great team in the Medical Cannabis Industry that we have decided to create brand awareness as partners by exhibiting at the 2018 World Medical Cannabis Conference in Pittsburgh, PA and the 2018 CannabisLearn Conference in Philadelphia, PA. JPT and Palmer also make a great team in the design of Healthcare Facilities such as multiple projects at Fulton County Medical Center in McConnellsburg, PA.

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