JPT’s holistic approach to SUPPORT your healthcare mission

Improving the delivery of patient care is at the heart of everything we do. And like the physicians we serve, we take a holistic approach to this mission. Our firm has delivered a full range of architecture and facilities engineering services for medical buildings across the United States.

Services range from campus master planning to pre-design, flow analysis, cost estimating, MEP integration, construction management and more.

We are able to achieve an industry low 1% rate on change orders through our collaborative approach and use of virtual design and engineering technology on every applicable project. This, coupled with our expertise in healthcare code compliance and instant access to experts from planning through construction, means that we deliver the project you expect on time and on budget.

Integrated architecture and engineering means more than a single point of contact. It means an environment that exceeds performance expectations throughout its lifetime. Learn more about each of our services to understand how our approach can benefit your organization.