Green Leaf – Medical Marijuana Grower/Processor Facility

Saxton, Pennsylvania

Green Leaf Medical received one of Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Grower-Processor permits. Correspondingly, a Saxton, PA leather factory that closed in 2008 has been revitalized into their Cultivation & Processing facility. The space has nine grow rooms that hold 1,000 plants each. JPT helped Green Leaf layout and design this 80,000 SF space that’s complete with room for future growth.

As a multi-state operator of medical marijuana growing and dispensing facilities, Green Leaf expanded through the Northeast. In fact, Green Leaf brought JPT Architects along for the ride. In addition to the facility in Saxton, JPT partnered with Green Leaf in Frederick, Maryland and Richmond, Virginia. Frederick is where Green Leaf already has a fully operational Grower-Processor facility but JPT has been tasked to help them put on a large addition. Also, design is underway for Green Leaf’s two-story oil processing facility in Richmond.

As shown above, creating realistic imagery and communicating design ideas through animations is one of the ways we get our clients exited for their upcoming facilities!

The Cannabis Industry is one of JPT Architect’s specialty markets. As this industry continues to grow, JPT has completed projects in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey and Louisiana.

Overall, our Architects and Engineers have grasped the knowledge gained from designing in this industry to offer a design package that is secure, fast-track and backed up with proven experience.

Green Leaf - Medical Marijuana Saxton PA Logo

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