Healthcare Leadership Strategies for a Better Future

Part 1 – Introduction

Please click play on the video above to watch the first video in JPT Architect’s new series, “From SARS CoV-1 2003 to SARS CoV-2 2019: Healthcare Leadership Strategies for a Better Future”.

A guide to help reduce the transmission of highly contagious diseases within a building, particularly, hospitals and other medical facilities but could be used as a safety measure with all other types of commercial buildings.

From the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome pandemic of 2003 to the similar Coronavirus pandemic of 2019 and 20, JPT’s team of Architects and MEP Engineers has taken a look into the Healthcare Facility Leadership Strategies that can help better prepare the healthcare industry for the future.

The 2003 SARS pandemic killed 44 people in Canada which ultimately led to many proposals for reform in the way healthcare facilities were designed and maintained. Although COVID-19 has made its mark on Canada, it appears that the country is much better prepared to respond to this current pandemic which stems from the country’s reformation efforts around SARS in 2003.

How can the rest of the world use and benefit from Canada’s Pandemic Control protocols to combat the world’s current COVID – 19 pandemic?

JPT’s team has created a guided video series that will look into the Healthcare facility environment and offer insight into planning a strategy for the new normal with COVID – 19. Information to create this guide and video series was obtained through sources of market research, JPT’s Healthcare Design Team’s experience and Healthcare Facility Client Leader’s experience.

JPT hopes that you will tune in and follow along to see how your facility can be pandemic prepared!

To see what is coming next in this Guide and Video Series, check out and/or download JPT’s Schedule Outline below.

To view or download JPT’s full Guide, “From SARS CoV-1 2003 to SARS CoV-2 2019: Healthcare Leadership Strategies for a Better Future”, please see below.

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