Healthcare Leadership Strategy for a Better Future

Part 7 – HVAC System Utilization & Examination

Please click here or the play button above to watch “Airborne Particles”, in JPT Architect’s series, “From SARS CoV-1 to SARS CoV-2 2019: HVAC System Utilization

From the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome pandemic of 2003 to the similar Coronavirus pandemic of 2019 and 20, JPT’s team of Architects and MEP Engineers has taken a look into the Healthcare Facility Leadership Strategies that can be implemented for a better future in pandemic preparedness. When Healthcare Facility Leaders attempt to make their buildings safer in the midst of a pandemic, it’s important to consider specific characteristics of the disease.

Please check out the downloadable materials below that go along with JPT’s series titled “From SARS CoV-1 2003 to SARS CoV-2 2019: Healthcare Leadership Strategies for a Better Future”.

  • The first downloadable item, which is this article’s feature, “HVAC System Utilization & Examination”, contains information to help facility leaders to gain control of their HVAC system in order to contain the virus in their facility.
  • The second downloadable item is JPT’s Executive Guide that contains the entire series of “From SARS CoV-1 2003 to SARS CoV-2 2019”. The detailed Executive Guide contains information on many aspects of facility maintenance to help contain the COVID-19 virus and many other pathogens transmitted through the respiratory system. This information helps to reduce the transmission of highly contagious diseases within a building, particularly hospitals and other medical facilities but this guide could be used as a safety measure for all types of commercial buildings.

See directly below to view or download “Part 7, HVAC System Utilization & Examination

See directly below to view or download the Executive Guide, “From SARS CoV-1 2003 to SARS CoV-2 2019: Healthcare Leadership Strategies for a Better Future”

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