Facilities Management

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Facilities Management

Written by Brad Myers, JPT's Facility Management Coordinator 

Like most healthcare facilities, the cost of maintaining your facility consumes a major part of your budget. Small changes in how you manage your facility can mean a big bump to your bottom line. At JPT, we understand these complexities and offer solutions to help our clients provide a more efficient healing environment.

Not only can JPT provide an accurate BIM model for construction documents, we can also customize it and intergrate it with a facilities management system that will enable our clients to:

  • Save time and increase productivity
  • Reduce occupancy costs
  • Increase employee efficiency
JPT can help you customize a facilities management system to meet your needs.
  • Space: Reduce cost by better utilizing your space and eliminating or reducing space vacancies.
  • Moves: Reduce your overall move cost by avoiding unnecessary moves and costly reconfiguration projects.
  • Occupancy (space scheduling): Improve use of space by scheduling and tracking space usage.
  • Assets: Accurately track asset counts and manage warranties, conditions and expected service dates.
  • Maintenance: Increases maintenance staff’s response time. Extends operational life of building equipment by enabling a proactive preventive maintenance program.
  • Projects: Simplifies project management by centralizing multiple project details, budgets, tasks, documentation and more.
  • Leases: Reduce real estate cost by effectively monitoring and analyzing property financial data and monitoring portfolio performance against industry benchmarks.
  • Sustainability: Reduce your carbon footprint by tracking your company’s energy and water usage.

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