How can BIM Help with Sustainability and Reduce Environmental Impact?

Reduce the footprint that buildings have on the environment

The AEC industry is trying to reduce the footprint that buildings have on the environment. BIM can help with this in several ways.

Energy Efficiency

BIM is a data-rich platform that can provide comprehensive and interactive information pertaining to building elements for the creation of new energy models. This is done by each division adding more and more components to the model day-in and day-out. As time goes on, the model functions more like a real structure, allowing real world calculations to be made about the building’s use.

Data Collection for Owners

It is true that architects, engineers and contractors can become very close to a building as they go through the design and construction process. However, one day they have to go on to the next project and the owner takes over full operation of the building. It is sometimes difficult for owners to get to know their building from a performance standpoint but it is especially important when it comes to the health and safety of the staff and community.

The data that has been collected can be given to the owners to provide information on the building’s daily energy use. This data can also produce environmental insights useful to the community along with methods for improving the building staff’s health and safety.

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