At JPT, we are a woman-owned, fully integrated Architectural and Engineering firm with a 100% focus in the world of healthcare. Moving into the Cannabis Industry was a natural fit for us. Having designed many different types of Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing Facilities along with Dispensaries, JPT understands the timeline, challenges and complexity. VISION. DESIGN. GROW.


Why select the JPT team?

  • Experienced, first-movers in the Cannabis Industry design field - Skip the learning curve and feel confident that our team will help you maximize your profits through our design's operational efficiency.
  • Licensing Approval - Most states have differing regulations and markets. Whether you are just starting out or are a Cannabis Industry veteran, let the JPT team help mentor you on the licensing process.
  • Customized Machinery and Equipment - JPT's team of designers takes a customized approach when it comes to extraction equipment, CO2 dosing systems, bio-secure cultivation design, lighting, energy efficiency, heating requirements, air cooling systems and de-humidification requirements. Produce an end product that truly represents your brand and stands out from the rest.
  • Application Assistance - Don't know where to start? It's okay! The JPT team has helped many of our cannabis industry clients through the application process.
  • Avoid Pricey Mistakes - One mistake can, unfortunately, have negative a impact on your end goals. JPT can help save you time and money when it comes to codes and regulations that govern the Cannabis Industry. Reading the fine print is something we do best!
  • Stay away from common stumbles - Our experience has opened our eyes to many mistakes that can be made in the operational process. This is not our first go-round and we don't wait it to seem like it's your first go-round either. You will only survive in this industry by being extraordinary. Outshine your competition!

Ilera Healthcare

Grower/Processor Facility Waterfall, PA

Ilera's Grower/Processor facility is the gold standard of grow operations in the State of Pennsylvania. This beautiful 120,000 SF facility was designed from the ground up. The facility houses a series of modular, energy-efficient hybrid greenhouses that supply the raw materials for Ilera Healthcare’s medical marijuana products.


Added Value

Arc Flash Study - Our engineering team can provide simulation of your electrical distribution system for short circuit analysis, selective coordination and arc flash potential using SM software. As a complete and thorough resource tool, JPT can also create accurate single line riser diagrams, meter panels and equipment and document he distribution systems.

Coordinated Drawings - Every project includes above ceiling and in wall coordination in a BIM model.  The bottom of duct, pipe and conduits can be printed in color at a ¼” scale for use in installation. A BIM model can also be made available to the construction team with BIM training offered to their team members. Reducing the coordination responsibilities of contractors can save upwards of $50,000 on larger projects (70,000 SF +).

Infrared Inspections/Thermal Imaging - At JPT, we use high-quality infrared cameras to inspect your building for energy efficiency, mold inspections, leak detection and for a wide variety of other reasons. A thorough infrared inspection can often reveal hidden problems before they become more serious issues.  Although this equipment doesn’t actually see through walls, in the hands of a qualified and experienced professional, it really is the next best thing to x-ray vision. This inspection process is especially helpful when most cannabis processing & cultivation facilities in addition to dispensaries are designed from an existing building.

Renderings and Animations - We have advanced in-house rendering and animation capabilities that can be used to meet the 3D visualization needs for your application. These visual expressions are also used as a tool throughout the design process to communicate and gain an understanding of the proposed design to all those involved.